About Us

A consolidated experience

Founded in 1988, ZO-MA s.r.l. deals with the marketing of staples and wastes for operations in textiles, apparel and geotextiles.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial skills, the company has still managed to establish itself in the national and international market, preventing the problems of local textile market and retaining their identity.

Meet every request

Treating the widest range of textile products - from synthetic materials (Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon, etc..) to naturals (Wool, Alpaca, Cashmire, Silk, etc..), to vegetables (Viscose, Cotton, Flax, etc..) -- the goal was (and still is) to quickly satisfy the demands of multiple customers.

Located in the industrial town of Montale, connected to the district of Prato, our company operates on an area of 8,000 square meters making use of on behalf of a third parties for the processing of raw materials.

Always ready to innovation

The company, always ready for innovation and research, is in the national and international market by working on various areas, including: textile clothing (carded and combed knitting, weaving, padding), wadding and felt for mattresses, automotive, geotextile and construction industry.

The mission of ZO-MA s.r.l. is to propose and provide a ready-service warehouse in Italy, especially in the industrial area of Prato, in order to make the textile industry still a reference for our economic territory.

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